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Natraj is positioned as a leader in the market of tirpals and pipes and to sustain its leadership position, they have crossed borders to expand their knowledge and advance processes. Their on-going research to overcome any hurdle in the raw material procurement, operations and dispatch makes them stand out in Indian market. We also dedicate our success towards the use of top-notch raw materials which are imported from overseas to yield better output quality for better solutions to our customers.

Our experts in the R & D team understand the requirements of the farmers at the ground level and develop solutions that could help them to manage water resources efficiently by using different pipes. Our in-house research team is continuously working on the thermoplastic components for pipe production which will remain unaffected with extreme climatic conditions. Natraj has been supplying different products in the irrigation field to support them with quality pipes that do not burst on folds, pressure or weather. Being affordable and accessible in different forms and sizes, we have been incorporating the desired customer quality, which makes our plastic products a trustworthy option for our consumers.

We have different ranges of pipes which are specially designed for hilly areas and uneven fields. These irrigation pipes are called with different names regional wise such as Lapeta Pipes, Dhora Pipes, LD Pipes, Wrapped Pipes, Delivery Pipes, Lay flat tube, Kisan pipe or Sundwa.

Plastic tirpal manufactured by Natraj is water resistant as it is made from high quality LDPE. We ensure to follow all the good manufacturing practices along with standard quality checks to ensure that these plastic tirpals are appreciated by the customers and do not have an easy wear or tear. We have a wide range of tirpal with varying width of 6ft to 24 ft and packaging length varying from 100M to 800M approx.  Through such wide range of supply, we ensure not to miss out on any customer requirement